Future of the Vine Hall Site

You may have heard that Elmbridge Council have announced plans to sell Vine Hall for development, and that our Scout Hut is behind that site.

Disappointingly we have had no contact from any of the councillors or staff directly involved in drafting that proposal.

Luckily Cllr Steve Bax (a scout dad) learned of these plans and was able to let us know this was now being published as a policy.

We understand all of the Molesey councillors have expressed concern and plan to vote against it.

The actual council meeting papers discussed on 18th November stated “Any future redevelopment of the site would have to take into consideration the Scout Hut to the rear of the Vine Hall property and protection or re-provision of their current facilities.

Until we know more about the actual plans or proposals and what that may mean for our Scout Group it is very difficult for us to comment. The terms of our lease on the Scout Hut give us various protections and notice periods, so in the short term there will be no change to 2nd Molesey’s situation.

We will keep all options open until a mutually satisfactory solution is found, whatever the next few months have in store for us.

Thank you to everyone for your strong and continued support.

We know you value the contribution which 2nd Molesey Scout Group has made to our community for nearly 100 years and we will fight to remain at the heart of Molesey.

We will keep you all informed.

2nd Molesey Scout Group Executive Committee & Leaders

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