Scouts & Explorers Summer Camp to Guernsey

The Scouts and Explorers had a brilliant time in Guernsey for our Summer Camp. The weather was mostly kind which made cycling and events much easier and enjoyable.

The campsite was well equipped and allowed for a very comfortable stay in Guernsey, we were spoilt with the facilities and the site.

We took part in Abseiling a 90 foot wall, Kayaking on the Sea, Coasteering with a fantastic view and a visit to the German Underground Hospital.

Cycling, which was the Scouts main form of travel took us to see many war fortifications along the way. An unexpected event was the Sand Racing at Vazon Beach which had motor bikes and car racing.

Thanks to a kind donation to the Scouts, we were able to fillet and cook large Pollock as a pre snack before dinner. The leaders were surprised at the eagerness to fillet a whole fish, and then eat it.

Thank you to the Scouts for their exceptional behaviour on the ferry and out and about in town. You really did the group proud.
And finally, these trips don’t happen without the Leaders – thank you!

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